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Bullying – What Parents Need to Know

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Bullying is still as prevalent today as it was when we as parents were growing up. Not only do we need to watch for signs that our own child is

Tips for Planning the Best Birthday Party

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Giving your child the best birthday party ever doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money or even staying up half the night trying to put together Pinterest worthy

Importance of After School Activities

  17.10.2015   admin   No comments

Learning doesn’t have to end when school ends. This is when active learning begins. Active learning is experimental learning and engaging. It helps reinforce important skills, concepts and creates connections.

Tips on Helping your Child Succeed in School

  9.10.2015   admin   No comments

You are your child’s first teacher. It is you who they look to emulate and it is their home life that helps set the tone for a successful educational career.

Setting up Your Toddler to Be a Great Reader

  4.10.2015   admin   No comments

Do you want your child to be an avid reader? Want them to have the same passion as you do over books? While reading is an important and must have

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