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Tips for New Mothers Returning to Work

  24.05.2016   admin   No comments

It has become a common practice for mothers to go back to work a few months after giving birth. It is also common for most to feel guilty or be

Baby-Proof Your Home like a Pro

  17.05.2016   admin   No comments

Before your little bundle of baby begins his first crawl across the floor, you need to get your home ready for your curious little child. Your child will get into

Teaching Music to Kids

  10.05.2016   admin   No comments

Kids instinctively are attracted to music. The sound and beat instantly will get their feet moving. Educators as well as parents use songs as a way to remember things such

How to Integrate Multicultural Fun for Your Kids

  2.05.2016   admin   No comments

Multicultural education is very important for your kids. Not only does it allow your child to appreciate and explore other cultures and diversity but it also helps them break through

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