Teaching Music to Kids

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Kids instinctively are attracted to music. The sound and beat instantly will get their feet moving. Educators as well as parents use songs as a way to remember things such

How to Integrate Multicultural Fun for Your Kids

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Multicultural education is very important for your kids. Not only does it allow your child to appreciate and explore other cultures and diversity but it also helps them break through

Indie Kids Artist of the Month: Sharon Novak

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This month, Radio Nursery profiles Indie kids artist Sharon Novak from Conway, New Hampshire. RadioNursery.com: Tell us more about your work Sharon. Sharon Novak: I work at Mountain Top Music

Best DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

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Playing music and being part of the sounds is a fun activity for children. Making noise is always a favorite among young kids. A fun activity to do with them

Candice Night chats to Radio Nursery

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Best Vocal album of the year award winner, Grammy nominated artist and Blackmore’s Night front woman with several #1 Billboard charting albums under her belt, Candice Night, known to families

How Music Helps Build Language

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Right from the beginning, music has shown not only to help children with their rhythm and motor skills but it can also help build language. Right from the beginning, your

Best Non-Toy Gifts for Kids

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Parents with young children can all relate to the feeling that they feel like their home is being slowly taken over by toys. They are scattered all throughout the house

The Effect Of Music On Kids

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Music has the power to move us, inspire us even take us back in time. It is all around us and in today’s time we have immediate access to it.

Tips to Raise a Baby Boy

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When you look into the eyes of your newborn son, you are already visualizing the great man he could be. However, as a mom or even a dad, you start

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