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7 Super Hints for How to Raise a Smart Child

Everyone wants their child to be a genius. In order to raise a smart child, you’ll need to foster his intellectual growth. It’s very true that the things you do can directly impact how smart your child is, so take a hint and follow these suggestions for raising a smart child.

Start on day one

Every day is a new opportunity to teach your child, and it’s never too early to start. So from the moment he’s born, give him things to absorb. Sing, talk, gesture grandly, rhyme, count, and use toys that stimulate his sensory skills. Your goal is to show him something new every day.

Read, read and read some more

Your child doesn’t even need to be able to speak to reap the benefits of reading. Reading helps develop language, and when used with books with pictures, helps him develop his vocabulary.

Play with him every day

It’s hard when we’re busy but small children and babies don’t understand that. Take a moment out of your time each day to cuddle and love your baby, plus spend time together. That helps his intelligence grow and grow the bigger he gets too.

Let him play too

It’s certainly important for us to play with our kids to grow their intelligence, however it’s also just as important for him to play on his own, as well as with playmates. He’ll get to experience feelings and ideas as well as social interaction, all valuable skills.

Be active

Physical exercise helps make your child smarter. Don’t let him sit and veg out all day. Get him moving to increase his blood flow. That blood goes to the brain and helps develop new brain cells, which help him become smarter.

Give him an intro to the arts

Music, art, literature, and other creative things all spark a curiosity in our children like a wildfire. You want this to burn and rage inside them. Don’t force activities on your child, but simply let them see the creative side of life to help their intelligence blossom.

Set a soundtrack

Another thing about music specifically is that it is incredibly motivating and promotes improved attention and memory. It’s also a natural way to reduce stress. So listen to music and what better way to hone that skill than listening to Radio Nursery’s mood based stations! Dance to it. And if your child shows and interest in playing an instrument later on in childhood, let him.

Every child learns differently, however when we are calm and open about engaging in learning, it makes our children strive for more. You’ll be giving your child a huge head start when you take these hints to heart.


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