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Benefits of Children Learning to Play an Instrument

Thinking about having your child learn a musical instrument? Wondering if the arguments over whether or not they practiced or not is worth it in the end? You will be surprised at all the benefits children will receive when they learn a musical instrument. It will be worth all those old quite evenings now replaced with the sound of little fingers trying to hit the right notes.

Boosting Brain Power One of the biggest benefits of learning to play a musical instrument is that it boosts their brain power. Music has the ability to stimulate parts of their brain that are related to math, reading and even emotional development. It also helps improve their memory. There has been much research that shows that learning how to play an instrument at an early age can help improve a child’s ability to learn and retain information through adulthood. This is by stimulating different patterns of their brain development.

Improves Social Skills Another great benefit of learning to play an instrument is that it helps a child come out of the social shell. If you have a child that is a bit introverted and has problems making friends, getting them involved in a musical group or ensemble is a great way for them to practice their social skills and how to work well with other people. This helps them improve their leadership skills and discipline.

Builds Confidence Learning to play an instrument is also a confidence builder. When they develop this skill and hear themselves getting better and better over time this helps boost their self-confidence. Building a strong self-confidence will help them become more approachable towards others and create long lasting friendships with their peers.

Develop Organizational Skills When your children learn to play an instrument they are also learning how to manage their time and organizational skills. They will soon understand that the more they practice the better musician they will become which is a great life lesson to carry on throughout all aspects of their life. They will really get to know what patience and preservice means when learning to play an instrument.

Stress Reliever Learning a musical instrument can also foster a child’s self-expression while creating a great tool to relieve stress. The more advance they become on an instrument they can begin to play songs that they like and even make up ones on their own. Music is a great form of therapy where playing just the right song is all they need to let go of anything that may be upsetting them.


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