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Best DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

Playing music and being part of the sounds is a fun activity for children. Making noise is always a favorite among young kids. A fun activity to do with them is by creating their own musical instruments. What is awesome about this project is that it is a toy that they will love to play with their new toys for a long time and it doesn’t cost that much to make. All you need are items around your house.

Here is a list of some easy DIY musical instruments you can make with your children:

Maracas. These are pretty fun to make. If you have some old plastic Easter eggs hanging around, fill them with rice. Take two plastic spoons and place them around the egg. Tape them together with some fun washi tape, first around the egg and then around the handles. These make great shaking instruments.

Box Guitar.

You too can make your own fun guitar. All you need is an empty Kleenex box and long rubber bands. Place rubber bands around the box so that they are over the hole of the box where the Kleenex used to come out. Your kids can now drum and strum the bands that are across the hole. It makes a really cool sound!

Garden Pot Bell. If you have a garden terra cotta pot available from this past spring that you didn’t use, this is a great alternative use. If not, they are pretty inexpensive from Home Depot. What you need is a rope that is about a foot in length. Thread the rope through the hole in the bottom of the pot and tie ends together to form a knot so that it doesn’t slip out. Then you need to create your mallet. To do this, all you need is a stick with soft filling and tape. You can use dowels and balloons to make your mallet. When you hit your garden pot bell with your mallet it makes a wonderful sound!

Can Drums. For this project you need tin cans and some balloons. Make sure your tin cans have no sharp edges. There are tin can openers that you can purchase that make sure they leave a dull edge when you use it. Take your balloon and cut the end of it. Stretch your balloon over the tin can and secure it again with rubber bands. Take some chop sticks and watch your kid have a ball drumming away.

Singing Straws. Use about 8 straws and cut them in different lengths – cascading them from tallest to shortest. Tape them together and string them together like a necklace. Your child will love making sounds by blowing into each of the straws at once. These are fun pipes that they can take anywhere.


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