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Best Gifts for New Parents

Being a parent for the first time is just as exciting as it is terrifying. If you are a fellow parent and friends of yours just gave birth for the first time, you can remember all the nervousness and stress that comes with being a first time parent. The lack of sleep and the endless routine of changing diapers and feedings can leave any couple exhausted and a little bit stressed.

While there are many great gifts to give to new parents when you are coming to see their new baby here is a list of what they would really, really want:

Gift Certificate to Home Cleaning Service. Want to wow these new parents and really help them in the process? Getting them a gift certificate to a home cleaning service is an absolute awesome gift to give. With a new baby in the home, cleaning bathrooms and dusting their house is dead last on their list of to dos. Having someone come in and do those tedious tasks would help out greatly and the new parents will be very thankful.

​Gift cards to restaurants. Along with cleaning the house, just trying to figure out what to eat can seem like an impossible task for new parents. When you give them gift cards to some of their favorite restaurants or even favorite pizza delivery places, this is a huge help. They can just order some food and have someone go out to pick it up or get it delivered. When taking care of a newborn, you tend to forget about yourself. So these make great gifts that help out a new family immensely.

Diapers. Diapers can cost a lot of money and chances are they are going through quite a bit in the beginning with their new little one. Giving the gift of diapers is one gift you know that they will use. Try and see if there is a particular brand the new parents like and stick with sizes that the baby can grow into. Babies are only in newborn or size 1 for such a short period of time. New parents will be grateful that they can put their money towards something else other than diapers.

Gift membership to Netflix or Hulu. Chances are, these new parents are not going to be able to get out that much. Most of their nights now are stayed inside taking care of their new little one. To help prevent them from going stir crazy and provide some fun entertainment, a great gift is a membership to Netflix or Hulu. They can now binge watch their favourite shows while focusing on taking care of their new baby.


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