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Best Non-Toy Gifts for Kids

Parents with young children can all relate to the feeling that they feel like their home is being slowly taken over by toys. They are scattered all throughout the house and may seem like you can never really get the house clean with all this toy clutter. When a gift giving holiday or birthday is coming, knowing there are family members who love to spoil their children, parents may get a bit of anxiety of wondering where are all these new toys are going to go. Toys are great. But having too much of anything isn’t good. Here are some great alternatives to toys you can give as gifts:

Memberships. Memberships to places such as the zoo or museums are awesome gifts. They are gifts that children can use year round or for the season. Many of these types of places have different events throughout the year making each time you go a special treat. Not only do children get the wonderful experience of exploring and spending time with their family, but they also get to learn something new too.

After School Activities. Whether it is music lessons, sports or art classes, this is a great gift to give children. Many of these types of activities can be costly especially when a family has multiple children. Giving them an opportunity to learn a new skill or possibly find a new passion is a gift that is priceless.

A Special Day Date. This is a great gift idea and one that your child will remember for quite some time. Give them a special day where you can do a couple of fun activities together of their choosing. This can involve going to take them to see their favourite movie to taking them out bowling. Having the opportunity to have some one on one time and do fun activities together is a wonderful gift.

Arts and Craft Supplies. Put together a box of fun arts and craft supplies that kids can use to inspire their creativity and imagination is a great gift to give. You can add things found around the house such as toilet paper rolls, cotton balls and plastic bottles. They can create and make whatever their imagination inspires them to. This craft box will keep them busy for hours!

Gift of Reading. Helping develop a child’s love for reading is a great gift to give. You can either get them a series of books to read or something really special is getting them a magazine subscription. Children love getting things in the mail and they will love anticipating for their special package to arrive just for them. There are so many great magazines made just for toddlers and kids. If you are interested in this, you can always check out your local library to see which magazines appeal to your little one.


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