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Brilliant Newborn Hacks You’ll Wish You Thought of First!

It’s not easy when you first become a parent. There’s this cute but wrinkly little thing who keeps crying and you’re not entirely sure how to please him. But fortunately for you, plenty of other parents have been through this before you and they’ve come up with some truly genius ideas that will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?!?”

1. During warmer weather, enjoy the outdoors without pesky mosquitoes enjoying your baby. Put your portable crib outside and put a fitted crib sheet over the top.

2. No more digging around for bibs when you need them! Put a self-adhesive hook on the back of the high chair and you’ll always have them ready when you need them.

3. Keep baby’s toys from floating away in the tub and keep baby from sliding all over by using a laundry basket in the bathtub.

4. Giving medicine to a baby used to be a struggle until someone brilliantly devised this idea: cut the end of a pacifier off and use a dropper to easily give medicine to your baby.

5. Poop happens, and often it can be a vile explosion that shoots out of the openings of your baby’s diaper and onto his clothes. Instead of spreading the mess, fold down the shoulders of the onesie and roll it down to his feet, which will keep the mess from getting into her hair.

6. Out of stain remover? Make one yourself that is so powerful, it gets juice and even poop stains out of clothes. All you need is one part of Dawn dish soap plus 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide. You won’t miss your stain stick!

7. Use white noise to get you baby to sleep. The machines can cost a small fortune but you don’t even need that. Free apps can be downloaded to your tablet to get your little one to snooze faster.

8. Get diapers the next size up. They have more room to capture mess, especially at night. Your baby will be less prone to waking if he feels comfortable in his diapers at night.

9. Stop losing baby socks in the wash. Start putting them in a lingerie bag when you do the laundry and you’ll never be wondering why you can’t find a matching pair again.

10. Warm up a towel for bath time by heating it up with a heating pad. This will help keep your baby snuggly and warm after the bath and minimize screams from the cold air after the bath.

11. Put a clean diaper under your baby before removing the dirty one. You won’t need to fumble around for a clean diaper because it will already be ready to go!


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