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Essential Rules for Your Family

Every family needs a code to live by. Family rules are important because they bring harmony to the home. They also clarify expectations and create a safe place for your children. If you haven’t enacted a set of rules for your family, call a meeting and lay down the law. Here are some great ones to start with.

Always be honest Honesty is always the best policy and it’s also a great trait to instill in your children. Don’t forget that you should also set a good example in regards to being honest too.

Show respect to each other Never tolerate any disrespectful behavior such as yelling, name-calling, hitting, kicking or any other negativity. There should be very clear consequences when it comes to any of these bad behaviors.

Respect each other’s personal belongings Your kids must learn that they need to gain permission before using things that don’t belong to them. And once they are granted permission to borrow something, teach them that they must treat things that don’t belong to them even better than their own possessions.

No back-talk to Mom and Dad Encouraging your children to speak their mind with their own opinions is great, but if they are disrespectful to you while doing it, that’s a no-go. Teach your children well about negotiating versus arguing.

Obey Mom and Dad If you ask your child to do chores around the house like take out the garbage or empty the dishwasher, you should only need to ask them one time. They should do their chores without complaining or misbehaving. Make a list of chores you expect your child to handle and a clear set of consequences when those chores are neglected.

Ask permission The bigger children get, the more they seem to feel like they can go wherever and whenever they wish. Establish a rule that your child must receive permission from one or both parents before leaving the house, and that they must tell you where they are headed, who they will be with and when they are coming home.

Clean up your stuff This is a very simple rule that even the youngest of children can follow. Let them know you expect them to clean up toys after play time, put shoes away, and throw out any trash they have created.

Be cooperative, nice and helpful Make sure that everyone in the family finds ways to be helpful and good to each other. You and your spouse should demonstrate these behaviours too because your children will most certainly imitate the things they see. If you want your children to behave well, you should make sure the things they see are good so they will bring out these positive behaviours not just at home but in the world around them.


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