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Help Your Child Embrace Their Own Creativity

Children naturally have a penchant for innovation. Just watch how your child plays when she thinks you’re not watching and you might catch her using one of her toys in a creative way, like fashioning blocks into a bed for her doll. Creativity is so important to nurture because it helps your child become confident, more socially developed, and it helps her learn better too. So encourage her creativity every day/

Here’s how.

Give her a creative place

Designate a special area in your home for your child to do creative things in. She should have complete control over the creative things she does in it.

Don’t make rules for the creative place

And by rules, we mean that if you see her playing a board game backwards, resist the urge to step in. Let her do her thing.

Stop structuring everything

The problem with kids these days is that parents are planning every waking second full of activities for them. Stop. Your kid needs free time too, and she needs to learn how to be bored so she can entertain herself creatively.

Take her to new and exciting places

While you definitely shouldn’t schedule activities all day every day, you should still take your child to new places. Museums are great ways to explore art, science or history in your area. The library is another fantastic place where you can check out new and exciting books or join in free activities. Plus, going outdoors is good for your child too. Even a picnic in the park and running around the playground are all good to stimulate her creativity.

Help her to delve further into things that interest her

If your daughter shows a big interest in painting, take her to a crafts store to get the supplies she needs to practice it more. The same goes for anything else she is interested in. Encourage her to reach for these things. Never tell her that artists don’t make any money. She may very well grow up to be an accountant, but one that loves to paint in her spare time. Always nurture this creativity without being a killjoy.

Don’t forget to be creative too

When we’re creative ourselves, we show our children that this is a very natural thing and that you can be creative in millions of ways. So if you love making crafts, show your child your interests. And even if you don’t, simply sitting with her and coloring for 20 minutes will be a fun way to bond with her and let your own creativity shine through.


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