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How to Stay a Sane Mommy

Motherhood is a tough job – maybe one of the most difficult jobs out there in the world. It is a lot of responsibility making sure you are bringing up and setting out good people into this world. As a mother you are always putting your children’s needs before yourself. As a mother you can lose yourself in this role. Forgetting who you are besides a mom can be a dangerous slope. It is important to hang onto what made you… you – before you became a mommy.

Here are some ways to stay a sane mommy:

Keep to a Routine Not only are routines good for children, you can benefit from it greatly as well. When you have your family on a routine, kids know what to expect and what comes next. It helps them establish good habits and transition from one activity to another. When children have a consistent routine it means fewer arguments, less chances for tantrums and less stress from forgetting something that needed to be done.

Ask for time off While we all love to think our significant others could see how much we need a break, tell us they will watch the kids and shoo us off to a spa for a day, most of us know how unlikely this scenario would happen. Sometimes you just have to claim your day and tell your husband you need some time off. Schedule it out a few weeks in advance if you have to and take a whole day or two to just do things for you. Even if it is just sitting in a coffee shop scrolling through your phone uninterrupted.

Keep up with your hobbies If there is something you use to love doing such as painting or playing the piano, don’t let them fall to the wayside. These are what made you happy before kids so it is important to still keep them important to you. Remember that you were a great, creative and independent woman before children and you are still one now.

Join a mom’s group Having friends who are also moms is so helpful. You can meet other moms by joining a mom’s group. It is great to be among other women who are in the trenches of parenting just like you. It is great to talk to someone who knows exactly what you are going through. These mommy friends are great to vent to, support one another and get great advice or recommendations from whether it is a new paediatrician or the best preschool to send your child to. Having a mommy support group is a great way to remind yourself that you are not alone in this craziness world of parenting.


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