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Importance of After School Activities

Learning doesn’t have to end when school ends. This is when active learning begins. Active learning is experimental learning and engaging. It helps reinforce important skills, concepts and creates connections. After school activities help promote active learning. It is because of these programs children are not only able to learn things that are not taught in a classroom but helps them come into their own and explore their interests.

There are many after school activities to choose from. Sports are a great activity that keeps them physically active while also teaching them how to play within a team setting. They learn how to win humbly and lose gracefully. They learn the importance of teamwork and how to work together with their peers to accomplish a goal. This type of teamwork learning can found with other after school activities such as academic clubs and with arts and music programs. Each of these programs help a child explore what their interests are, develop connections with others that help improve their social skills. All of these important lessons are ones that they will carry on for the rest of their life and will be most important to carry on through adulthood.

Not only do after school activities help promote active learning but are also a great way to keep kids out of trouble. When there is no schedule or routine of what a child does after school, this tends to lead to more delinquent behavior. Keeping children in after school activities helps them learn social responsibility, develop organizational skills and self-discipline. These developing skills translate to better grades in school. Children who are constant participators in after school activities have shown to have better success in school and are more confident.

So how do you choose which one your child will participate in? While you can suggest different types of activities or sports, the best way to ensure success is by getting your child’s feedback. When they are young, try to involve them in as many as you can as possible so that they get a feel for what they may be interested in continuing. This is an exciting time for a child because they get to really explore their interests. Soon you will be able to take requests from your child as to which ones they would like to continue. It is important to keep promoting after school activities the older your child gets. Always be involved and show interest in their interests.


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