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Spring Break Ideas for Kids

If you are staying home for spring break this year, you may be worried about what to do with your kids. A week home with your children, with no plan on what to do can seem a bit overwhelming. All parents rather avoid the constant whine about how bored they are and how they have nothing to do. Sure, your children probably would have preferred going to Disney World for vacation but you would be surprised at all the fun things you can do at home. Here is a list of spring break ideas for your kids:

Check out your local museum or zoo. Take advantage of this time to visit your local museum or zoo. Not only is this fun but they have activities for children for all ages. You also get to learn something new and interesting too. Put on a scavenger hunt for your children with different exhibits or things they must find throughout the museum or zoo. Give them award at the end, such as a trip to the ice cream shop, when they have checked off all their items.

Go on a tour. If you live near a city, pretend that you have never been there before. Act like tourists and make it a point to visit important and historical sites. Take pictures and run around with a map. Pick up some fun souvenirs to remember this awesome day.

Host a Spring Break playdate camp. This is a great idea, especially if you would like a couple of days to yourself. If you know a couple of other moms, you can each take turns hosting a spring break playdate camp for a few hours for one of the days that week. Each parent will have to host some activities where it occupies the kids for part of the day. This gives other parents an opportunity to catch up on some errands during this time. It also helps get the kids in a different environment and they look forward to seeing their friends for a few hours.

Volunteer. This is a great way to teach your kids the importance of giving back and volunteering. You can volunteer at fun places like an animal shelter where you can help out cleaning cages or feeding the animals while you get some fun furry snuggles in. Who knows? Maybe you’ll take home a new friend. You can also take time to bake cookies to hand out to people or even help out a neighbor do some lawn work. No matter what it is, not only will you and your kids feel like you accomplished something but you will feel good about it too.


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