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The Effect Of Music On Kids

Music has the power to move us, inspire us even take us back in time. It is all around us and in today’s time we have immediate access to it. It has the power to change the way we think, feel and even behave. For those who believe music isn’t important to young children, they would be sorely wrong.

Early Studies There have been numerous studies that show that music at an early age can have positive impacts on children. You may be surprised to know that even newborn babies can recognize a song that they have heard while still in the womb. If there is a particular song or a lullaby that the mother sang or listened too frequently, chances are the same song can be used to help calm and sooth the baby. Babies are born sophisticated listeners. Music is something our natural instinct is to be instantly engaged with.

Aiding Child Development Music is important to early childhood development. It stimulates the brain, the emotions and can get children moving. It is through song that children are able to learn things with ease. It is truly nutrition for their brain. Music can help with their speech, movement and how they express themselves.

The Mozart Effect Many have heard of the Mozart Effect. This is described as listening to Mozart music supposedly makes one smarter. It was Dr. Alfred Tomatis, who was a French nose, ear and throat specialist who discovered that Mozart’s music helped people develop spatial intelligence. What made Mozart’s music particularly great for this is because his music was the best due to its timing, space and spatial perception. His music can be contributed to helping those who are autistic, dyslexic as well as children and adults with head injuries. It has also been suggested that early childhood exposure to his music can have a positive effect to their mental development. Studies have shown that listening to not only to Mozart but classical music in general when studying can help you retain information.

Increased Mental Concentration While it isn’t just classical music that is beneficial to young minds, different types of music has been shown to be quite miraculous. When children listen to music, it can help ease their stress or help elevate pain. It has shown to be most useful during nap-time or bedtime as well as creative play time. When they are listening to music while participating in an activity, it can help with their concentration, stimulate them and make them relaxed.

Gift Your Child Music Music to children can be an incredible healer. Not only listening to music but also participating in learning how to make music is equally as beneficial. Giving the gift of music is one that will be used and appreciated for a lifetime.


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