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Throwing a Leprechaun Approved St. Patrick’s Day Party

Thinking about hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party for your kids? Not sure where to start? Throwing a fun party for St. Patrick’s Day is not only fun, but a great way for your kids to learn about the holiday. There is a bit of magic about this holiday that sparks your little one’s imagination. Throwing a Leprechaun approved St. Patrick’s Day party is pretty easy. Here are a few tips:

Decorations. Decorating for St. Patrick’s Day is so much fun! Put together rainbow paper chain garland to stream throughout your home. Have your children make mosaic 4-leaf clovers with colorful tissue paper squares to hang on your windows. Green is the key color of the holiday but also make sure your include rainbows and gold.

Food. Having some great St. Patrick’s Day inspired food is such a treat. While Lucky Charms cereal is a great snack, think about putting together some favorite Irish treats such as cheesy bacon potatoes or corn beef and cabbage. This is a great way for children to explore their pallet and get a taste of some authentic Irish foods.

Games. You must have a fun game to play at your St. Patrick’s Day party. You can have fun magic games where everyone builds their own Leprechaun traps filled with chocolate gold coins. Or everyone can go on a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt, looking around the house or backyard pots of gold and four leaf clovers. You also host a St. Patrick’s Day bingo game with fun St. Patrick’s Day icons in all of the squares.

Desserts. What is St. Patrick’s Day without some green yummy treats? You can have green cupcakes with white frosting and gold sparkles. They make a beautiful treat. Another great dessert is green rice crispy treats with lucky charm marshmallows mixed in. If you are looking for a healthier dessert, fruits are a great choice. Have them arranged in a beautiful rainbow – strawberries, oranges, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries and purple grapes. It is not only healthy but a beautiful rainbow work of art.

Bring the magic. St. Patrick’s Day can be a magical holiday. Giving children the sense of wonder and imagination is a great way to celebrate this holiday. To bring St. Patrick’s Day magic into your party, have green little foot prints around your home as if a little Leprechaun has visited. You can also use Skittles as seeds for children to plant and grow a rainbow.


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