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Tips to Raise a Baby Boy

When you look into the eyes of your newborn son, you are already visualizing the great man he could be. However, as a mom or even a dad, you start to worry about how you can possibly grow this son into a responsible, confident, and caring man. Every parent has a lot of questions, especially when raising their newborn into someone who has the characteristics of a great man. The following are top five tips that you can keep in mind and will help you in raising a great man.

Teach Him How to Manage His Emotions Once your son is already in his school years, there are times when he will have frustrations but will not be able to open up because others may feel that it would not be appealing for a boy. However, as your child is growing, there are times when he may tend to hide whatever emotions he has. What you can do is talk to him and make him feel that you are always there to help him. Don’t make him feel like you will lecture him; instead, make him feel that you are there to back him up.

Let Him Learn about Taking Responsibility Finishing tasks and following directions are considered skills that boys develop slowly. Letting him learn how to take responsibility for small tasks and little things you ask him to do could help in the development of his sense of responsibility. This will help your child use this developed skill not only in your home but also in school. Since you can start at an early age, you get the chance to help him develop sense of responsibility as he grows.

Starting from Birth, Show Him Affection Parents seem to have more physical contact with their baby girls than boys. As a parent, you must understand that your little boy should also be hugged and cuddled. This will make your son feel secure and safe. Don’t lose this physical connection when they have grown up to be a man. Just a quick hug or pat on the back could make him feel your affection towards him.

Help Him Polish His Socialize Skills Know that boys don’t feel at ease when forming intimate friendships. Set play dates for him and encourage him with sharing toys, using good manners, and playing nice with playmates that could turn as close friends in the long run.

Engage Them with Music Letting him listen to nursery rhymes and musical instruments will help him to appreciate music and could also help in sharpening his thinking skills and improving his memory. Bringing him to music lessons with other kids will also help in improving his social skills when working with other people.

With these tips in mind, you can get a better understanding of what must be polished with your son’s skills and what could make him grow into a man that you visualized at the time that you first glanced on his eyes.


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