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Making the Right Preschool Choice for Your Child

Is it time to send your child to preschool already? Just yesterday, he was a baby. Now he’s a big boy, ready to dash off to school. Of course, you’ll

Throwing a March Madness Party

It’s that time again! When basketball rules the TV and everyone is hoping that their college team makes it to the championship game. A great way to celebrate March Madness

Best DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

Playing music and being part of the sounds is a fun activity for children. Making noise is always a favorite among young kids. A fun activity to do with them

Children and Chores

Being part of a family is like being part of a team. Everyone needs to feel like they are contributing to the team, even young children. Chores are not only

Tips for more Independent Children

Raising independent children is finding a balance between being patient while not being too over indulgent to them either. As parents, it is our natural instinct to want to help

Best Non-Toy Gifts for Kids

Parents with young children can all relate to the feeling that they feel like their home is being slowly taken over by toys. They are scattered all throughout the house

Planning a Halloween Party for Kids

Halloween is such a fun time, especially for kids. Not only do they get to eat oodles of candy but for one day they can be whoever they want to

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