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About Us

We are a Canadian mood based kid's streaming network with music and stories to help enhance your child’s learning and social skills.

There are never two days that are alike when you have kids! Our numerous mood streams, carefully crafted with your little ones in mind, are designed to perfectly fit into your child's daily routine.

Every morning with a burst of energy, the WAKE UP stream plays chosen tunes to increase your child's mood — listening to the finest of Disney, Pixar, inspiring music, family-safe pop, and movie soundtracks to set the scene for the rest of the day!

The LEARN stream concentrates on colours, numbers, and letters, and it plays nursery rhymes, simple songs, and stories all day to help your child improve his or her listening and learning skills.

The PLAY stream is designed to play a little bit of everything! This mood stream will allow your kids experience a wide selection of music while finding the perfect balance between education and pleasure, with Disney hits to ABC tunes, nursery rhymes to movie classics.

Soft calming songs, lullabies, and western classical music are played in the SLEEP stream to help children fall asleep. A child's sense of calm and security is heightened when they hear quiet music. Mozart is often played to help with spatial and temporal understanding.

If you enjoy Radio Nursery, please tell your friends and neighbours about it. We're available on both the Apple and Google app stores.

Our land might be cold, but our hearts are warm. We are proudly Canadian.


Thank you for your support.

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