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Baby-Proof Your Home like a Pro

Before your little bundle of baby begins his first crawl across the floor, you need to get your home ready for your curious little child. Your child will get into anything and everything so it’s important to keep things safe so he is able to explore without injury. Here are some of the most important things you should do to help protect your child in your home.

Cover all outlets All electrical outlets need to be covered and all cords should be tucked away. Outlet covers are very cheap, though you can also use duct tape in a pinch, especially when you travel.

Guard against sharp edges Cover sharp corners on furniture with foam bumpers. You might think this is okay to let go until your child officially walks, but she will be experimenting with walking by holding onto furniture and pulling herself up. It will keep her from sustaining a serious injury if you cushion the edges.

Watch out for window treatments Window treatments need special treatment, particularly if you have blinds or anything that has a cord. You can replace the cord with a rod or tie the cord up well out of the reach of curious baby fingers.

Get childproof locks Keep your child from accessing cabinets and drawers with dangerous items like household cleaners and sharp scissors by installing childproof locks. For cabinets that contain exploratory items like pots and pans, it’s ok to leave it lock-free. Children still need the opportunity to explore.

Use door bumpers Nothing is more horrible than slamming your hand in the door. Babies are even more sensitive to pain so use door bumpers to ensure that when your child starts playing with the door, his little fingers will stay safe.

Secure the furniture Dressers can tip over easily and it only takes a second for you to turn your back for it to happen. IKEA just recalled dressers because of the tipping danger. All furniture that poses a danger for tipping should be bracketed to the wall. That goes for dressers, night stands and changing tables.

Get baby gates If you have stairs, you need a baby gate to keep your child from plummeting down them. You can also use them to block off rooms and keep your child secure in one room, like the play room, without worrying she will get hurt. Additionally, if you have a pool or live on the water, install a gate in the chance your child is able to find her way out of the house.

Install a slide lock on all outer doors For all doors that lead to the outdoors, install a chain or slide lock at the top, well out of the reach of children. Your child will quickly figure out how to unlock door and having an extra lock will keep him from making a break for it.


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