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Toddler Sleep Solutions – Knowing What Best to Do With Your Child’s Crib Conflicts

It is common for toddlers to refuse to go to bed or to sleep during nap periods and, at times, even at night. Perhaps your child may have even developed the habit of crawling out of the bed and going to yours. Regardless, there is always a solution you can use to resolve your toddler’s sleeping problem. Below, you will find some of the most common crib and sleeping issues that toddlers have and the right steps you can take to resolve those problems.

Always Protesting during Nap-times Experts say that toddlers who are around eighteen months are ready to take at least one nap a day. The thing is that this is always a difficult time. There may be days when your toddler will take a nap without having someone to convince them. But there are also times when a child resists doing so, perhaps because of not wanting to stop playing. Regardless, you need to remember one thing: once your child misses a nap, expect to find them irritable come dinnertime.

So, how can you avoid the possibility of crankiness and succeed in developing a nap routine? Have them take a nap once in a day and two naps the next day until they are able to make a routine on their own. Adding more exercise during their mornings or even a simple walk in the park also helps. Children tend to become so exhausted that when nap-time comes, they are completely wiped out and ready for sleep.

Bedtime Battles There are two possible reasons why it is always hard to get your child to bed at night. First, they simply don’t want for the day to end and still want to spend time with you. Second, they may be overtired. Whatever the case is, it is important to set a bedtime for them and maintain their nightly routine.

Reminding them of what’s to come next also helps. For instance, after brushing, you will read a book to him then it’s time for him to sleep. If he pushes for more extra time, do not go soft and let them. Setting and maintaining a routine in this case lets them know that when they are put to their crib or bed, it’s time for them to sleep.

Waking Up Crying at Midnight Once a child reaches the end of their sleep cycle, they become awake enough allowing them to realize that they are alone. Children tend to cry at bed time since they are used to having either of their parents present with them. Hence, the best way to handle this is to avoid singing to them or picking them up. Such moves will only further stimulate the child. It is best to simply say soothing things to them and then leave them to sleep afterwards. Encouraging them to use a stuffed animal or blanket to soothe them enough to go back to sleep helps too.

Dealing with a toddler’s sleeping issues may be difficult. But knowing what leads to that issue and what best to do to resolve it always does the trick.


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