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Best Activities for a Snow Day

While the words “snow day” are music to a child’s ear, a parent who now has an unexpected day home may worry how they are going to keep their little ones occupied without going crazy.

Fortunately, snow days are wonderful opportunities to spend more time with our children. Just for today, don’t worry about getting the laundry done or getting the bathroom cleans. Take the opportunity to make it your own official snow day too and have fun with your kids. Here are some of the best activities for you and your children to do on a snow day:

Make beautiful winter ice ornament decorations. Fill small dishes with water and have your children add fun decorations to the water such as twigs, berries, leaves and anything else that you would find outside. Add a piece of string that is half submerged in the water and is long. Place your water outside for a few hours. When your ornaments are completely frozen your kids will get a kick out of seeing what they made and decorating the trees outside with them. This adds fun, frozen décor to your trees outside!

Play snow day bingo. Use this free printable snow day bingo game to help keep your little ones occupied.

Each space is occupied with an idea of something to do such as draw a picture, build a snowman or organize their room. The goal of this game is to check boxes off that are 5 in a row. Every time the complete a row, you can reward them with a special treat. This will keep them occupied all day and maybe even help you get some cleaning done around the house in the mean time!

Have an indoor camp out. If you have a tent that you can set up indoors, then this is a perfect time to use it. You can set up a makeshift campsite in your living room. Use a portable, battery operated light as your campfire. You can bake s’mores in the oven and tell camp stories. Break out the sleeping bags and have nap time right in the tent of their living room. Do fun camping crafts such as nature weaving with sticks you find outside and yarn.

Snow day paint. With new freshly laid snow on the ground, this is the perfect bare pallet for your little ones to create their master pieces. While some snow may not have the greatest consistency to make snow men, you can use the snow to still create great works of art. All you need is some empty water bottles, food dye and water. Create each spray bottle with water and a color. Have your children then take the spray bottles outside and create beautiful works of art as they decorate the snow with their color spray. This is a great activity to get them outside and moving. You will love their colorful art pieces that they will leave behind.


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