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Fun Family Night Activities Everyone will enjoy

Family night is not only a great way to spend quality time together but it is also a wonderful way to create memories that they will remember always. It is important that families strive to spend time together. When a family makes it a priority to have a special night once a week, this is when close bonds form. Between school, all the after school activities and long workdays for parents it is easy to get disconnected from one another. When you have a good family relationship, this helps children do better in school, makes them a well-adjusted adult and helps improve their own social skills with their peers. Here are some great ideas for a fun family night:

Play a sport together. This is great for the family who loves being active. You can get together with another family and play soccer, basketball or even a fun game of Frisbee. It is nice to get out, have a physical activity and enjoy the weather while getting some exercise.

Small gift exchange. You and your family go to the mall and everyone has $5 to purchase a gift for a person that they pick out of a hat. Everyone goes and tries to find something small that that their picked person would like. Then you all can come together at the food court for a special treat and present to your gifts to one another. It is fun getting a gift and finding out why they chose that gift for you.

Camp in the Family Room. You can either set up a small tent or build a spectacular fort in the family room. Grab the popcorn and cushions to watch a classic family movie in your new made shelter. Top it off with everyone’s favorite box of candy and this is one family night they will ask to do over and over again. You can make s’mores out of the microwave and turn the fireplace on for a fire to really set the mood.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt. Make a list of things you can find in your neighbourhood. This is great to do when there are Halloween decorations or Christmas lights as there are a lot of things to choose from. Split into 2 teams and take pictures of everything that you find. The first team to make it back home with all their items checked off wins! The team that loses has to make the winning team ice cream Sundays!


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