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How to Help Your Kids be More Socially Confident

It seems like some kids are naturally confident when in front of others. They take to the stage like they were born for it. Others though have a more difficult time with being themselves in public. They tend to shy away from participating in groups and often feel awkward. If your child isn’t a social butterfly, you can help her find the tools to find her own confidence so that she learns to love herself for who she is confidently.

Show her how to change her mind

One of the biggest obstacles for those that lack social confidence is to jump over the shyness hurdle. Even the most social people have their own doubts, yet they rise above them. Remind her to believe in herself and to stop regarding socializing as merely a way to impress others. Feeling happy within yourself is the first step of feeling confident.

Nothing is embarrassing

Teach your child that embarrassing things happen to everyone. The key is to pick yourself up and carry on. Laughing also helps. Looking at life through a lens of humor will help you survive almost anything. Even if she trips and falls in the cafeteria at school, getting up and laughing about it is the best way to recover. People will see she’s confident no matter what, even when she’s made a mistake.

Help her pinpoint why she’s shy

Does she feel less confident because she has acne or she’s wearing braces? Or is it because she feels it’s something deep in her personality? Whatever it is, help her identify the cause and then work out a solution to help her gain her confidence back.

Exercise confidence

Just like you go to the gym to build muscles, confidence must be worked at in order for it to be strong. So help your child exercise her skills of confidence to feel more and more comfortable with herself.

It’s like ripping off a bandage

Hesitation kills confidence. If your daughter has always wanted to try something new but is worried she won’t be any good, encourage her to just do it. Tell her not to think and just go with it when it comes to trying a new sport or activity. When you break out of your comfort zone, you actually become more attractive to others, so urge her to get into her new activity and learn something new. She’ll make new friends that like the same things and even meet other people trying these activities for the first time too.

When your child incorporates these tips into her daily life, she’ll begin to blossom with confidence. In time, she’ll be a more confident person and she’ll have you to thank for that!

Try incorporating these 5 helpful tips into your life and you’ll soon start to see your confidence flourish!


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