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How to Integrate Multicultural Fun for Your Kids

Multicultural education is very important for your kids. Not only does it allow your child to appreciate and explore other cultures and diversity but it also helps them break through cultural barriers. Your children become more tolerant and understanding of other people. When you can bring more tolerant beings in this world that is a great thing! But how do you introduce different cultures to your children, especially if you feel you’re not that educated in them yourself? Easy! You get to learn about new cultures too! Here are some great suggestions:

Celebrating American holidays are fun. They are always magical and beautiful in color. While celebrating these American holidays is super, what do other kids their age celebrate around the world? Do some research and celebrate another culture’s holiday. This can be the Chinese New Year or another country’s version of Christmas. Serve some authentic foods from that country and remember to plan activities that that country loves to do during that holiday.

Provide your child multicultural books in your home. Reading these books to them gives them a fun insight about a different culture. Maybe they will ask questions about it and you both can hunt down for the answer. There are some wonderful books that explain some of the most fun aspects about Mexican culture or Italian culture. Watch their curiosity grow!

Have some fun dancing with other culture’s type of music. You can have some costume items available that goes with each cultural musical theme. A great craft project is by making some of the costumes pieces yourself or with your children. Incorporate some different instruments for the different sounds that they hear. Make it a point to learn about all the different musical instruments from around the country.

See if your community hosts different cultural events. This will give them a great firsthand experience to these different cultures. Pretend for one night that you are off in a faraway land learning all about their culture. At these events you can get a taste of the country with different culinary treats available and take in their entertainment with their dancing and music. This is also a great place for your children to meet other children of that culture. Hopefully a new friendship will spark.

Focus on one culture a month. This will help you learn as much as you can about the culture and the different countries. If you hop around too much, your child may get confused as to what culture does which things. Make it a point to seek out people from those cultures and don’t be shy from inviting them over for dinner. See if they would be interested in talking to your family about their culture.


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