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Major Parenting Mistakes You’re Guilty Of

We all have our own unique style when it comes to parenting. However, there are certain mistakes we make that can bring about serious consequences. Here are 5 of the worst parenting mistakes you’re guilty of making.

Neglectful behavior

We’re all busy, and we never get enough time for ourselves (especially moms!). However, we must take at least 10 minutes per day per child to spend some time with them. Connect with your kids, not your devices. If you don’t make the time, it will manifest in other ways, like your child majorly acting out in order to make you look.

Being too cool of a mom

Sure, we all laugh at the mom in Mean Girls for her iconic “I’m a cool mom,” line. But being too cool has consequences. Kids need to have rules and boundaries so they can function as respectable and productive adults. Set rules and enforce them. You can’t please them all the time and by letting your kids run wild, you’re not doing them any favors.

Pretending that you never make any mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. Children should be taught that even grownups screw up from time to time. No one should go through life thinking that they have to do everything perfectly or else. When you make a mistake, tell your child. Let them grow up seeing it’s ok to try and fail because it gives us another chance to try again. You certainly don’t want to raise kids that are so afraid of getting it wrong that they never ever try.

Only acknowledging bad behaviors

When we see our kids sitting and reading quietly or playing nicely with their sister, we need to speak up about how much we like this behavior. Often, we focus on acknowledging the bad behaviors. We need to make an even bigger deal of the good behaviors because when kids get praise, they’re more likely to keep doing the things that earned them that praise.

Only praising successes

Your child isn’t going to win every game or ace every test. But if you see them putting in the effort to practice or study, you should absolutely tell them you noticed. Praise them for working so hard so your children know that even if they don’t succeed that the effort is worth it.

Are you guilty of these 5 parenting mistakes? Then it’s time to change your ways. It’s never too late to make a positive change so get on it. Don’t beat yourself up over your mistakes either. Being resilient and coming back from a setback is a worthy lesson your children can learn from too.


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