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Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget

When planning a birthday party for your little one, it is easy to get out of control when it comes to costs. You will be surprised at how much venues, cake, decorations and such can cost. These prices can all add up very easily and fast. While these types of parties are fun, you can plan a budget friendly birthday party that your little one will enjoy and appreciate just as much.

The first place you can save money is the venue. While it is always nice to do things at a venue such as a play center or arcade, especially because you don’t have the clean up afterwards, this is what usually soaks up a large amount of your birthday party budget. If you do not want to host your party in your home, some cost efficient places are parks and community centers. You can typically rent a pavilion or a room for less than a $100. You are just in charge for set up and clean up after.

Use the dollar store. There are some great party supplies you can get at a fraction of the cost at a dollar store. While you may have a theme such as Paw Patrol or Frozen, you don’t necessarily have to get the cups, plates and napkins with all the licensed characters on them. You can get just the colors that match the theme and it will look just as awesome. There are also some great party favors that you can get from the dollar store as well.

To save money on costs for food, you can plan your party to be in between lunch and dinner. This way all you need to serve are some appetizers and the cake. A full meal can get quite costly, especially if you are planning a party with many people. To save additional costs, you can also make the cake yourself. There are some great tutorials on and on that are pretty easy to do. You will be amazed at how creative you can be!

You can also save more money by planning your party way in advance. This gives you time to be on the lookout for deals and discounts. You can stock up on clearance decorations and favors. You can also save coupons to help with the cost of food and desserts. By planning in advance, this gives you extra time to make your own decorations and to keep your eyes open for some great deals.


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