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Planning a Halloween Party for Kids

Halloween is such a fun time, especially for kids. Not only do they get to eat oodles of candy but for one day they can be whoever they want to be. A pirate, superman or a princess Darth Vader, the choices are endless. While going trick or treating is fun, to make Halloween even more exciting you can plan a party for your little one and their friends. Planning a Halloween party may seem like a huge task to undertake but if you do some good planning and organizing along with these great tips, not only will your party be one that they will remember you might just have as much fun as they do – maybe even more.

Here are tips on how to plan an amazing Halloween party for your kids:

Timing is key Depending on the age of your guests, you want to make sure that you plan it during a time where they kids are in their best mood. If your guests are still taking naps, make sure you plan for after nap time. Sometimes late morning works great for young kids. Don’t keep the party going for too long. Two to three hours is a great amount of time for kids to have fun, do an activity eat and walk away with as little meltdowns as possible.

Plan activities but leave room for children to do what they want to do Don’t pack the party with activity after activity. Keep things simple buy having one main activity going on but have a few areas set up around the house where they can do some crafts or play a game as they choose. You’ll find that most times children enjoy entertaining themselves but sometimes having an activity is a great icebreaker and can keep the party going.

Plan food that everyone can enjoy While candy is probably most preferred by your guests remember you don’t have to have just junk food because it’s Halloween. You can incorporate healthy treats too that all children will love. Oranges dressed up as pumpkins or ghost celery is just as yummy and even more healthy. Also, make sure you are aware of any of your guests allergies. That way you can avoid any mishaps from happening.

Go easy on the decorations While having tons of fun Halloween décor would be fabulous, if you don’t want to break your budget, this is one area where you can probably lighten up on. Kids don’t usually require a lot of decorations – it certainly isn’t going to make or break your party. In the end, you’ll wonder why you spent all this money on decorations when none of your little guests complimented on your hard work.


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