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The Most Common Assumptions That New Parents Make

Is there anything else in the world that can be as equally exciting and frightening as it is to become a parent for the first time ever? No one is ever fully prepared for the impact that the arrival of a new baby normally has on their lives. It is therefore not surprising that you are unlikely to find a perfect parent anywhere in the world. A lot of mistakes that parents make stem from general assumptions propagated by society. Here are three such assumptions, for new parents to avoid.

We have all the time in the world

Perhaps everyone is somehow guilty of making this assumption at some point in their lives. In the case of new parents, the idea is that there is more than enough time to impart all the wisdom and values we desire in our children. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Any experienced parent will tell you that time passes by so fast. To avoid this pitfall, new parents should begin preparing for the arrival of their children well in advance and have a good idea of how they’re going to raise them.

The children are too young

It is not uncommon to hear a parent say in reference to their child, “They are too young for that.” Of course there are many things that young babies would not handle or understand, but it is important for parents to keep an open mind. This especially applies to learning new information or skills. In fact, it benefits the minds of young children when they are exposed to learning resources as early as possible.

I am (we are) inadequate

This is yet another assumption that could be defined as universal. For a new parent though, the feeling of incompetence can be quite stark. You might have helped take care of other children, but you have never been a parent before. The arrival of a little, fragile human being could even amplify this feeling further. The important thing to remember is that first, the ability to raise children is in fact innate in everyone.

Where you feel that you still fall short, you can always find tools to help make the work easier for you.

Most of the assumptions that new parents make are based on societal stereotypes, or just fears that they have. This is why it helps to consult with people who have been down that path before, as well as any relevant resources meant for new parents – Jennifer Shaw


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