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Throwing a March Madness Party

It’s that time again! When basketball rules the TV and everyone is hoping that their college team makes it to the championship game. A great way to celebrate March Madness is by gathering friends and family to watch the games and see whose bracket is in the lead. If you never threw a March Madness party, you may be wondering where to begin.

Here are a few tips on how you can throw an epic March Madness party for your family and friends.

Food is key. Making sure you serve great food is something people will remember your party by. Don’t just have hot dogs and chips. Go all out. Have basketball inspired sliders with buns that look like little basketballs. Dips are a staple. Have a few dips for people to try as well as different types of chips to dip them in. A great dip to try is a Beer and bacon dip.

Dress up. Wearing your favorite team’s color is a must. Make sure everyone in your party gets the memo on wearing their favorite team shirt. Go all out and have face paint where guests can paint their faces with their favorite team colors as well as some temporary basketball tattoos readily available. Not only will the kids get a kick out of painting their faces, the adults will too. If you want to add a little competition, have a most spirited award for the guest who really goes all out in their team colors. You can hand them a trophy for their efforts.

Decorate. So you think your team is number one? Well you are hosting the party, so that means you are allowed to dec out your house with your favorite team colors. Feel free to rub it in a little. Have napkins and paper plates with your team’s colors. You can also decorate with basketball garlands and orange and black color-type décor. Put basketball hoops over trash cans. Make sure you have a large bracket on display where you can fill in which teams have lost and which have gone on to the next round.

Have some fun activities planned. To keep young children entertained have a few basketball craft projects available for them to do. This can be making their own basketball hoop with a plastic cup, construction paper and a ping pong ball or they can decorate their own basketball shaped cookie. During the break between games, get everyone outside to play a quick basketball game or even a round of HORSE.


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