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Tips for Planning the Best Birthday Party

Giving your child the best birthday party ever doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money or even staying up half the night trying to put together Pinterest worthy favors or decorations. All the effort and stress of planning your child’s birthday is unnecessary, especially when they are so young that their only memories they may have of it are the photos that they see when they are older. While celebrating birthdays are exciting, it can get overwhelming.

Here are some awesome tips on how to plan the best birthday party for your child without the stress and sleep deprivation.

Listen to your child. You may be surprise to learn that you child doesn’t want a big party. While most parents just assume that they are going to have to shell out big bucks to throw a party, you may find that children rather do something small or they may rather do a birthday activity than a party. Instead of throwing a huge party, they may just want to go to a theme park with a couple of their closest friends.

Plan Ahead. If your child does want a party, plan as far in advance as you can. This will help elevate stress and make sure you have everything accomplished by the time the big day arrives. Keep a calendar and give due dates of the tasks you want completed by such when the invitations need to go out, when you need to order the cake or to purchase decoration supplies.

Keep to a theme. Themes are a great way to keep your party cohesive and are always exciting for young kids especially if they have a beloved child’s character that they would like to be part of the theme. You can decorate the party according to the theme which put special touches to the birthday party. They also can make a party unique and more memorable.

Plan a few fun activities. While you may want to do a game that requires the whole party to participate, there may be shy or introverted children there who may not feel comfortable. It is nice to plan a few activities that are optional to guests. This can be tables where children can make a take home craft or games that are available to play with whenever someone is interested. You really want to just break the ice with your child and their friends because once they warm up to one another children have the ability to make their own games and fun.

Have yummy treats. You don’t have to feed everyone a whole meal but having great finger foods is a super addition to the party. Keep healthy treats on hand as well as a few yummy sugary items that all children love. Keep in mind all of the children’s food allergies and plan accordingly. Having foods that keep in the party’s theme makes the event even more special.

Party Duration ​Make sure the party doesn’t go too long. Have a couple or even a few hours are the perfect amount of time for a party especially if young kids are in attendance. A party that goes on for too long runs the risk of children who get tired and that can lead to tantrums. Know when the best time to throw the party according to the age of your guests. You don’t want to run the risk of throwing it during nap time and most of the guests won’t be able to show up or show up cranky. Having a late morning party is not a bad idea – it may be the most optimal time that you can ensure all your guests are in their best moods! Especially if they are toddlers!


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