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Top 5 Best Disney World Vacation Tips

Going to Disney World with your family can be a very exciting time. You are creating memories that will stick with your kids for a lifetime. It is truly a magical place! But with so much to do and with so many people there, it is easy to get lost in the mix. Here are some great tips to not only save you some money but help ensure your time there is stress-free and beautifully magical.

Buy your souvenirs in advance. Before making your way to Disney World, purchase some souvenirs at local stores and pack them with you. Purchase princess costumes, Disney clothing, stuffed animals or anything else before because in the park they may cost 2-3 times more. Take your items with you and every morning you can surprise your little ones with a fun gift. This way you can avoid paying the high cost for Disney keepsakes at the park while still making your kids excited to take home the piece of the magic.

Use a crowd calendar when booking your trip. To avoid the hassle of large crowds and lines, sometimes it is nice to book your trip on an off peak time. Use a crowd calendar to see when the best time to visit the park is. You can plan each day to which park you will visit based on when it will be its least busy.

​Try to stay on site, especially if it is your first time visiting. If you have young kids, you may want to splurge a bit and stay on site. Staying in a Disney resort has a lot of perks. You can get into the park earlier or stay later than regular crowds, transportation to and from the parks is super easy and it is close enough if your little one needs a nap. You are not too far away to take a break.

Ship your items. Packing for a large family can be quite the hassle. For some essentials, an easy thing to do is buy it on Amazon and then have it shipped to your hotel. It will be waiting for you without you having to lug it through the airport.

​Match your clothes. If you are going with a large family, having matching clothes – especially for the kids, may be a safe bet. It will be easier to spot everyone in your party and easier time trying to round up all those kiddos. Another bonus of at least putting your kids in matching clothing is that characters will spend extra time with your kids and will make them stand out so they may even be lucky enough to participate in some magical events on stage!


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