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Vacation Tips for Families with Young Children

Going on vacation with young children is definitely different then when just you and your spouse use to go. There are lots of things to remember to bring as well as figuring out ways to occupy a young child. But traveling with young children doesn’t have to be as stressful as you may think it is. With proper preparation and some organization, traveling with kids can be actually fun. Watching your children experience new things for the first time is such a treat. Here are some vacation tips that are helpful for families with young children:

Make a packing list and keep it. There is always a ton of things to bring when you are dealing with little ones. You definitely don’t want to forget their favorite bunny or blanket. Start a packing list of everything you need at least a week before you go. This way, everything that you start thinking about needing you won’t forget. Also make sure you check out where you going so you don’t forget anything that you may need when you get there such as goggles for swimming or maybe you need thermal underwear for a ski vacation. Keep the list with you throughout your vacation. That way when you are packing up to leave, you can make sure you don’t leave anything important behind when you check it off your list.

Don’t over plan your days. Sure, there may be lots of things you want to do and see but it is important to not overload your days. Make sure there is some free time to relax. Young children rarely like to be hustled from one thing to the next. Give them time to process and really enjoy the experience and where they are at instead of trying to make it on time to the next adventure. Leaving some flexibility is important because you never know when someone may just need to head back to the hotel room for a break or a nap.

Have some snacks readily available. Keeping a couple of granola bars in your bag is definitely helpful when you are traveling with young children. Whether they may be hungry and can’t wait till their next meal or they just need something to occupy them for a moment, you will be thankful that you have a few snacks on hand. A little chocolate can help cure some crankiness, even if it is only for a short while.

Try and avoid the large crowds. Having young children and being stuck in a crowd is never fun for anyone. If you are going to a place that is in its popular season, trying heading out early morning right when it opens. Or you can give them a later nap and head out in the evening when the crowds are winding down. This makes everything less stressful for everyone and less fear of losing somebody.


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