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Valentine’s Day Family Traditions

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a holiday for romantic lovers. It can also be a holiday you celebrate with your family. It is a great opportunity to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Having fun family Valentine’s Day traditions is a great way to enjoy the holiday together. Here are some great traditions you can do with your family this Valentine’s Day:

Have a scavenger hunt. Instead of just giving them great Valentine’s Day treats such as some chocolates, candy and teddy bears, put a fun scavenger hunt together for them to find their Valentine’s Day gifts. Take them on a fun adventure around the house with easy clues to figure out where to go to next. Each stop can have a special Valentine treat just for them. This is definitely a way to make the day memorable and fun.

Fancy Valentine’s Day dinner. Dress the table with all pink and red décor. Make it as fun as possible with plastic heart plates and pink silverware. You can serve heart shaped foods such as heart ravioli or heart shaped sandwiches. You can even put fancy place settings with little candy favors they can eat. Your kids will absolutely love the idea of eating such a fancy fun meal!

Family Valentine’s Day mailbox. You can make Valentine’s Day mailboxes that sit in front of everyone’s bedroom door. Have fun leaving fun notes and special treats in the beginning month of February leading up to Valentine’s Day. Your kids will get a kick out of seeing wait “cupid mailman” brought for them that day. Whether it is just a nice note saying how much you love them to fun Valentine’s Day goodies. Leave a mailbox out for you so that they can put fun notes and gifts from them.

Valentine gift bags to pass out. Get you and your kids together to make small gift bags of Valentine’s Day treats for them to choose 10 people in their life to give to. This can be people such as the mailman, the garbage man, their teacher or even just a neighbour next door. In each bag they can include a card that wishes them a great day and cookies that they helped baked and decorate. This is a great way to teach your young kids that it is always nice to do something for someone who wasn’t expecting anything at all.


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